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Faculty Applied Computer Sciences and Biosciences
Course of studies Cybercrime/Cybersecurity
Degree Master
Academic degree Master of Science
Start Winter semester
Regular study period 4 Semesters
Category computer science
Type of study full-time studies
Admission restriction Yes
Tuition No
Credits 120
Accredited No
Application portal International Office


The elucidation of crimes in the cybercrime phenomenon is a growing challenge for the digital society in Germany. Cybercrime covers the offenses against the Internet, data networks, information technology systems or their data, as well as offenses committed by means of this information technology. The number of such misdemeanors and the damage to the economic location are increasing every year, and the technical costs of committing and investigating such offenses are constantly increasing. Experts in the field of cybersecurity are urgently needed to prevent such damage.

This development calls for a thorough training of the students. Through the establishment of a Master's Degree, the successful Bachelor's Degree at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is completed in this field.

The target groups are Bachelor and Master Graduates who wants to qualify in the Cybercrime/ Cybersecurity field. This course is particularly suitable for graduates from the fields of computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics. The Master study program “Cybercrime/ Cybersecurity” is consecutive to the Bachelor's course "General and digital forensics", "IT-forensics/ cybercrime" and the "IT-Security" in the course of studies "Applied Computer Science" at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida. This is to make it possible to further qualify in this area and to become a specialist. The targeted integration of IT-security and IT-forensics in this course, which is unique in Germany, is intended to ensure application-oriented and research-oriented training.

Course objective

The studies are completed with a Master of Science degree. After completing their studies, the graduates should in any case be able to work independently in highly specialized cybercrime or IT-forensics departments in investigating authorities, federal authorities or a company. 


The students choose 6 out of 8 qualification lines. The following qualification lines are offered:

  • Qualification line Network forensics (*)
  • Qualification line Mobile forensics (*)
  • Qualification line Elektronic forensics
  • Qualification line Compliance
  • Qualification line Modeling / Darkfield research
  • Qualification line Cryptology
  • Qualification line Software architecture (+)
  • Qualification line Higher concepts of computer science (+)

  The qualification lines marked with a (*) place a strong focus on the field of cybercrime/ IT-forensics. If these two lines are occupied, the main emphasis will be on uncovering evidence on electronic lanes.

The qualification lines, marked with a (+) focus the area of cybersecurity / IT security.  If these two lines are occupied, the students work more on the design of complex informatics systems. This includes databases and multimedia applications.

Qualification lines without a marking complement both aspects very well and enable the students to center on their own and to specialize. By selecting the qualification lines, the students choose one of two courses of study. If the qualification lines of network forensics and mobile forensics are chosen, the course of study called "Cybercrime". If the qualification lines of software architecture and higher concepts of computer science are proven, the course of studies is called "cybersecurity". Through the occupancy of the four qualification levels mentioned above, it is also possible to prove both fields of study.

Irrespective of the selection of the qualification lines, this innovative master concept at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is used to train highly qualified experts in the area of IT-security/ IT-forensics.


The course in the Master's program in Cybercrime /Cybersecurity at Mittweida University can include who possess at least a qualifying degree in a relevant course of study or an equivalent recognized degree.

Admission requirements & Application

Information about admission, German language courses , costs of living as well as the application form are available at our web page: Application instructions for international applicants

Contact for international applicants
Application Service - Bewerberservice
Mrs. Simone Natzschka
Technikumplatz 17
09644 Mittweida

Phone: +49 3727 58-1269
Fax: +49 3727 58-21269
E-mail: application@hs-mittweida.de


Application deadline for the winter semester is May 15. We accept also later applications if there are free places and if, based on our experience, there is a chance for the applicant to to arrive on time for the studies.