Professor Thomas Haenselmann


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Design Principles for Scattered Systems
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Grundlagen, Implementierung, Praxis
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Aufsätze (HSMW)

M. Benndorf, M. Gaedke, T. Haenselmann
Towards gait analysis - Creating a setup for the analyses under laboratory conditions
3rd International Conference on Future Networks & Distributed Systems, July 01-02, 2019, Paris, France

M. Benndorf, M. Kaden, F. Ringsleben, M. Gaedke, T. Haenselmann
Investigating the influence of CPU load, memory usage and environmental conditions on the jittering of Android
VII International Conference on Network, Communication and Computing, Dec. 10-16, 2018, Taipei, ROC Taiwan

F. Ringsleben, M. Benndorf, M. Mücke, M. Fehr, T. Haenselmann
A new approach using characteristic video signals to improve the stability of manufacturing processes
Intl. Conference on Digital Image Computing (DICTA), Dec. 10-13, 2018, Canberra, Australia

M. Benndorf, E. Zuchantke, M. Gaedke, T. Haenselmann
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Intl. Journal on Advances in Systems and Measurements 2018, Vol. 11, No. 1&2

F. Ringsleben, M. Benndorf, T. Haenselmann
Frequency-domain Based Video Irregularity Analysis

Intl. Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence
Dec. 14-16, 2017, Las Vegas, USA

M. Benndorf, T. Haenselmann, M. Garsch, C. A. Mueller, T. Fromm
Robotic Bridge Statics Assessment Within Strategic Flood Evacuation Planning Using Low-Cost Sensors
IEEE Intl. Symposium on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics 2017, October 11-13, Shanghai, China

R. Boiger, T. Haenselmann, M. Mücke, F. Ringsleben
Towards Robust Visual Wafer Cleaning Anomaly Detection
2nd Intl. Workshop on Science, Application and Methods in Industry 4.0
Oct. 11-12, 2017, Graz, Austria

M. Benndorf, F. Ringsleben, T. Haenselmann, B. Yadav
Automated Annotation of Sensor data for Activity Recognition using Deep Learning
Informatik 2017
WS "Deep Learning in Heterogenen Datenbeständen", September 25-29, Chemnitz, Germany

M. Benndorf, T. Haenselmann
Ungenauigkeiten und deren Ursachen beim Dead Reckoning
Tagungsband Nachwuchswissenschaftlerkonferenz 2017, HS Mittweida

R. Guntha, S. Rao, T. Haenselmann
A Comprehensive Crowd-sourcing Approach to Urban Flood Management
UBICNET 2017, August 3-5, Bangalore, India

M. Benndorf, T. Haenselmann
Mobile Construction Assessment
IEEE Sensors 2016, October 30, Orlando (FL), USA

M. Benndorf, T. Haenselmann
Time Synchronization for Mobile Construction Assessment
Sensorcom 2016, July 24-26, Nice, France

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Journal of Sensors, Vol. 2016, Article ID 8137859,doi:10.1155/2016/8137859

Aufsätze (bis Uni-Mannheim - Auswahl)

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