Analysis of genome and transcriptome of Rhodobacter sphaeroides in context of biological hydrogen production

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future and has many applications in the industry. The production of this molecular gas by electrolysis is energetically unfavorable. Understanding the biological hydrogen production of microorganisms like Rhodobacter sphaeroides enables the efficient and cost effective production of this energy carrier

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Analysis of Metatranskriptoms in biogas plants

Biogasanlage © Martina Nolte, Lizenz: Creative Commons CC-by-sa-3.0 de

Biogas is an energy-rich gas and can be used directly to produce electricity in a combined heat and power plant or indirectly as a substitute for natural gas after enrichment. This renewable energy can provide the base load of the energy grid because it is independent from weather or seasonal fluctuations. ...

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CyanoFactory KnowledgeBase

The goal of the european research project CyanoFactory is the development of new regenerative energy sources based on the cyanobacteria Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. Because of the different involved project partners all around europe it is an important requirement to store the data for everybody at a central location. This data storage, processing and visualisation is provided by the knowledge base. The processing and visualisation allows the different research groups to obtain comprehensible information resulting in more productive work. ...

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Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

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