Computer Science, Bachelor of Science


Faculty Mathematics / Physics / Computer Science

Field of studies

Computer Science


Bachelor of Science, B.Sc.

Regular period of studies

6 semesters

Further education

Master of Science

Start/Typ of studies

winter semester / full time studies

Entrance limitationsNo

Yes / Certificate

Computer science is a particularly innovative science. Nowadays, its results cover almost all aspects of daily life. Communication, transportation, healthcare, banking and insurance, industry and agriculture, as well as household, entertainment, tourism and even sports are inconceivable without computer science. Wherever information occurs, has to be recorded, sorted and evaluated, computer science plays a key role. Therefore, manifold operational areas in diverse industries exist for computer scientists. At the same time, computer science offers many opportunities for connecting creativity in problem solving with the application of formal techniques and methods. The Mittweida University of Applied Sciences Bachelor course in Computer science provides the opportunity to achieve a first academic degree "Bachelor of Science" after three years of studying.

Occupational fields

Information is one of the most essential elements in global economy. Computer scientists are in demand all over the world due to their expertise in gathering, processing and presenting of information. They can be occupied in diverse sectors of economy, administration and research, from Software Engineering over Network Administration to IT-Consulting and Sales. Accordingly versatile are the terms for computer professions in practice, such as

  • software developer
  •  problem analyst
  • software engineer
  • system programmer
  • application programmer 
  • web designer
  • database professional 
  • system administrator 
  •  network administrator
  •  IT-professional or IT-consultant

Often computer scientists work cooperatively in project teams which are interdisciplinary manned.

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Objectives of study

The objectives and content of the Bachelor course Computer sciences are characterised by the current occupational profile of a computer scientist. With all the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies, graduates are able to

  • design
  • implement
  • test
  • document
  • establish
  • take care of and/or administrate

various IT-solutions and to competently advise users of those systems, in addition to the evaluating, selecting and selling of the systems. During their studies, graduates come to know modern methods and tools, plying them for their own programmes and projects which are partly created individually by themselves or in project groups.

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Curricular design

The entire Bachelor course is application and practice-oriented. The first two semesters comprise a solid introduction to computer science and further more basic knowledge in mathematics, engineering and business administration. Additionally, a foreign language and social competencies will be taught. The following three semesters are designed to give a deepening in applied computer science. The students can choose between different subjects that fit their interests and choice of career such as software technology, project management, business process modeling, operating systems, databases and networks. Additionally, students may choose from the modules problem oriented programming, administration as well as specialization. The sixth and final semester comprises a practice module of 12 weeks in a company followed by the Bachelor project, finishing the course of study.

This semester allows students to individually extend their specific knowledge in core fields of interest and to broaden their practice experience. The programme is finished with the successful completion of the Bachelor project with the Bachelor thesis and a colloquium. Successful graduates may continue with postgraduate studies. The Mittweida University of Applied Sciences offers a consecutive Master's course in Computer Science. This course is set up in 4 semesters to achieve the title of "Master of Science" (M.Sc.) which also entitles graduates to a later doctorate.

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Practical work on the computer as well as working on projects is in the major focus of the entire programme. By doing own programming works, theses, joint projects and presentations students become motivated to work independently as well as in teams. Numerous traineeships in the faculty’s various computer pools and laboratories support the acquisition of the required practical skills and knowledge. Materials needed for lectures, tutorials and practical terms, seminar and practical term tasks, references and links are provided by the Mittweida University intranet.

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Admission requirements

For studying computer sciences at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences the usual general admission requirements apply. A pre-study industrial practical is unnecessary. You should have basic skills in dealing with a PC (including up-to-date operation system). Programming skills are useful but not prerequisite. Furthermore, good knowledge in mathematics and in English is beneficial.

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Information about admission, German language courses , costs of living as well as the application form are available at our web page: 

Applications for this programme may be submitted through the International Office.

Hochschule Mittweida
International Office
Mrs Saskia Langhammer
Technikumplatz 17, 09648 Mittweida, Germany
Phone:     +49 3727 948 137
Fax:        +49 3727 948 143

Deadline for Applications: 15th May

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